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26/02/2014 06:05

How to trade your jet now, with the aggressive, no up-front cost  -  unique program


What I discovered about Jet Aircraft Sales Brokers.  About 90% are decent, honest folks  -  Yet ONLY about 10 to 20% of Brokers actually WORK hard to trade your jet!


Just like Real Estate agents  -  about Eighty Percent perform typical minimum actions  -  i.e. put a sign in the yard and list your home.


But an uncommon few, WORK extra hard  -  follow up all leads consistently and fully, continue a dialogue until a response "yes or no" is given, etc.


The same goes with aircraft brokers  -  some list in the conventional, hard copy publications (which can be ignored now as a consequence of internet searching) and then they may add an online listing that will simply appear among a number of other similar aircraft in Controller.


We concentrate on video jet internet marketing  -  to obtain your jet looking at many eyes  -  looking for just what you are selling. So,. whether you've got a hard-working broker or possibly a "I'll just list it" broker or no broker whatsoever  -  When you use our No Risk, No Up-Front Cost service  -  you can look google and find out how your jet appears, well in front of others  -  A nice benefit for today's crowded marketplace with lots of jets easily obtainable in a Buyers market.


Plus, you don't have any up-front cost and our 100% Sales Guarantee  -  which states: If we don't find which you buyer, who actually completes the purchase process, you don't pay us a PENNY! No Risk, All Reward  -  Advanced Jet Marketing to suit your needs  -  from Private Jet Broker.


Pickup a FREE PDF Guide which include the nine most often asked questions aircraft sellers ask, five common mistakes aircraft sellers often make (along with a free Buyers Guide), as well as a Free Consult on how our advanced video internet and cell phone marketing campaign could work to help you sell quickly,

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