Will a Stun Gun Protect Me?

12/08/2013 14:05

Stun guns certainly are a very powerful self defence tool. Depending on the model, the specific voltage will be different. Stun guns can reduce the chances of multiple assailants. Security agencies and police departments commonly use them. Stun guns are ideal safety devices for those who require protection.


It is important which you choose a stun gun that's easy to handle in your case. Some of those guns could get pretty heavy and bulky. Stun guns have evolved over the past decade to get more effective, advisable to use, plus more discreet. Although any effort to safeguard yourself is commendable, some options are more potent than others. You can look for all sorts of security products online such as Talon stun guns, pepper sprays, alarms, etc.


A taser gun uses much from the same technology as a standard stun gun. The voltage will likely be contained within your assailant's system, and you will not likely be shocked. A common secondary safety device is the wrist strap disable pin. This safety feature is very recommended for women. The fact with the matter is, stun guns are used like a form of protection. Make sure which you are reading over the safety guidelines before buying as well.


Depending on your own state laws stun guns can be bought online at very reasonable prices. There will likely be no long-lasting harmful effects from receiving a stun gun shock, even though the muscles could be sore stay due to them contracting forcefully in the application in the shock. They are effective weapons for self defense, yet they cannot cause lasting trouble for your assailant. Which is crucial if you have curious children within the house who may find it despite your very best efforts to cover up it.


Touching an attacker with the prongs as you pull the trigger will result in a strong electrical current to look from the prongs through the attacker's clothes into his body. The electric shock delivered with the stun gun will combine with the electric signals in the brain which will confuse one's body and make it hard to move. School teachers, individuals who work late at night can defend themselves with stun guns with great effectiveness. Safe - These self defense tools are compact and discrete. 

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